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There are many Lead Generation Companies but ours is the top lead generation company in real estate. From Identifying to nurturing and managing leads to make them turn into potential sales requires a huge amount of time, however, we cannot forget about the importance of lead generation in real estate business. For an effective lead generation, you must choose the Best Lead Generation Company, though there are many available.

We are one of the best lead generation companies in real estate and we have been serving our clients for more than 5 years. With our team which comprises professional experts, we can create valuable and long-term sales for your company. Based on the best lead generation campaigns that you require, we can customize the task that we will do for you.

Generating leads efficiently is a tedious task with a lot of planning and strategies. Thankfully OyeMarketor has got it all covered for you. With a commendable journey of 5 hardworking years in this real estate marketing world, we understand the significance of lead generation, inch by inch. The main idea behind our strategy is to devote a particular lead to a particular client and not let any cross-connection take place. OyeMarketor treats the customer as the king and believes in the element of confidentiality and exclusiveness. You, as our customer put all your trust and efforts on us and so we tend and work on to prove it right. We keep our word and generate leads that are solely meant for our exclusive client, unlike other digital marketing firms which tend to work with multiple leads simultaneously. Our lead generating process involves intensive print marketing, constant and frequent content posting for maximum engagement, sharing your clients’ positive feedback throughout the internet to attract more traffic and an impactful video marketing strategy.

Our Services

What We Do

best lead generation

Sales Lead generation

The best sales lead generation services can help your business grow by providing you with comprehensive sales and marketing support, helping you to identify, contact and market to potential customers.

B2B lead generation Services

B2B lead generation Services

As a B2B lead generation services provider and an extension of your company, we handle the time-consuming tasks of finding and qualifying potential customers for you.

B2C lead generation Services

B2C lead generation Services

OyeMarketor is an expert in B2C lead generation services and business growth company. We are the best lead company & offer effective lead generation strategies that help you grow your business.

Telemarketing lead management

Telemarketing Sales Lead

This is the process of lead generation through the telephone. Our service includes Telemarketing lead management, Product promotion and Research & polling services

Why Choose OyeMarketor?

Research oriented work.

Whatever work we do we make a study of it in detail. This is really very important for every perspective. So the solution we will be providing will definitely depend as per the situation, but it will be creative in most of the cases.

After so much of details if any question arises we are there to help you out. Apart from this, we would say that lead generation can be well done in a logical way. Our experts are quite efficient at showing the right direction for our clients.

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quality service

Quality Service

The service that we provide is of great quality. This gives a chance to the companies to explore great opportunities. This may be useful in the long run. The service is provided by our experts. They are highly skilled and experience people. Even more, they are also updating their knowledge that helps to give quality service.

Ethical way of promotion

Ethical way of promotion

We as a lead generation company in Pune always adopt the ethical way of promotion. This is the most important aspect from over point of view. Our belief system is like this. Taking the right steps in an ethical way is what we do.


Total Transparency.

Our clients enjoy total transparency. All our work is made available to the clients because we find this approach imperative to successful relationships with our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

lead generation FAQ
A lead is the one who indicated an interest in a brand’s product or service. It is the art of attracting and converting prospects. Generating leads can be done organically or through paid medium like Google Adwords, Facebook, etc.
OyeMarketor as a lead generation agency suggest clients take up these services in order to increase the number of qualified leads. We at Oye, develop a strategy that suits your business and will efficiently work in your favor to earn quality leads.
It’s getting all the more difficult for brands to generate leads nowadays. Not only are there various channels to consider each with its pros and cons, but individuals today have more options to pick from, making it necessary for brands to stay always in touch with their audiences. Of course, traditional channels like billboards, newspapers, radio ads – all of these still work. But with the number of smartphone and internet users on the rise, it is evident that lead generation is equally essential for digital marketing services. You can build ROI by providing lead generation services in Pune that help increase sales.
Exclusively through advertising specifically designed for each of the services / products of our customers. We mainly use Google and Facebook. And we DO NOT use databases.
Yes. And the Custom Audiences we create for this, are also used to create Lookalike Audiences and reach a wider audience.
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How We Work


Understand the product/service offering

We initially Understand the client’s business, their product/service offering to provide clear documentation that is needed to be used throughout all the stages of the client project.

Draft target market persona i.e location, target market, etc

Identify the who, what, where and why of the target market? Only after that we will be ready to formulate a business offering and a detailed marketing plan for it.

Brainstorm the lead generation goal and timeline

The next step before we start executing is to put timelines and set the business goal

Selected Channels

Define the digital marketing stack to use e.g adwords, ppc, content marketing, social media, email etc.

Draft the phase wise execution of the plan

Next step is defining and planning. Drafting the phases wise the plan and noting any risks and how to resolve them.

Start the lead generation campaign

Once we decide channels and step wise plan is ready it’s time to get to work executing Our plan.


Get leads to your inbox

You start getting your leads in your email and CRM. We integrate our system with the most CRMs in the market.

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