Role of Best Seo Strategies in Boosting Real Estate Business

best seo strategies

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization,is a practice of creating visibility and improving rankings in Google and other search engines for your organization or company.

SEO is a long game that needs time to plan and implement. It can take months or over a year for showing significant results; however, when it is executed properly, the outcome can be powerful and help grow the numbers of visitors and new clients for your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO ) is one of the largest levers that a business can use within their acquisition plan as part of their Growth goals.

SEO teams are part of a growth of a company to drive additional traffic & visibility in organic search to boost the business. They apply technical audits of content, keyword research,content creation and the ability to do massive PR/Awareness/Brand campaigns to help boost profit . The best SEO team formats are formed by being cross functional (designer, content, SEO, engineer).

The most support they will need is from tools, budget and from their C-level. With all of this they can do a job in helping you create new products, run experimentation and apply large data sets on helping to grow the business by supporting other teams and leveraging their ideas to build out new paths to boost organic search visibility.

How can SEO increase Growth?

New clients: People are still looking everywhere on the internet and SEO sometimes goes outside of the regular boundaries of just a search engine like Google. Think about Facebook, Instagram or how you make things really visible on YouTube. An SEO team is basically as much as possible going after users that haven’t seen the product or service that you’re showcase.You can visit Oyemarketor for better understanding, our team of experts is always there for you.

What can you be working on?

  • Keyword Researching : Do you know what your clients are searching for? Start from there, you want to know if you’re ranking for certain terms within your niche but you also want to know more about your chances. The bigger your vision is, it likely will be big if you have a growth team, the more work you can put into this to find out what the potential is..
  • Technical Audit : Have you figured out if everything is being indexed on your site as it should and if all the technical implementations that you could think of are implemented? Likely not. There are usually a ton of opportunities here to either improve link structures internally or to add the proper tagging to the pages that you are creating..
  • Analytics & Reporting : I bet you need to report up to show progress, opportunity and what you can do to make an impression on all these numbers. In some companies this also means that you’re responsible for the (web) analytics instrumentation..
  • Content Creation : If you have the power to create content for potential new users or landing pages then this is over time where you’ll be spending a lot of time as you can target more search queries and potential audience through this way. Content creation gives you the best chance to grow the way your targeted audience wants..

Structuring an SEO Team

How do you create an SEO team and how can it help you drive more growth is the most important factor of this creation.

What defines success for an SEO team?

You want to drive a relevant audience eventually that helps your business. We all want to rank for the terms in YouTube, Facebook and Google but in the end it’s all about increasing the revenue forward for a business. That’s likely what your boss finds most interesting to hear. How much additional revenue you drove for them, if you make that goal it will likely mean success of your team.

Managing the roadmap for search

Why and What should you be working on?

Depending on the business there might be some other actions that you need to think about too. But in most cases these points cover most of it.

  • Product : This is everything related to your site. you might need additional pages. You might need to do an extensive technical audit to make up all the flaws on your site or you need a new site at all or change your URL structure. Chance that you need at least 1 developer for all of this and about 100% in order to be successful..
  • Analytics And Reporting : You really think you know what your SEO traffic brings cost to your business. You probably don’t or you’re kidding yourself. SEO programs at reputed companies really do know their impression and do know what kind of value they’re bringing to the company. So you need to make sure that you’re analyzing the right thing, that you have the right tools for the other two areas to look for opportunities and that you can hopefully guess using that data to see what values you can bring in the future..
  • Content & Promotion : You’re going to require content, data or whatever explains what you do in your business, or your products. Sometimes this means working with third party data like E - commerce or market or with unique content that is written by editors. But the most important part after that is making sure that you can also showcase it. In OyeMarketor we will help you to monitor the facts and work accordingly..

What other resources do you need?

  • Budget : You’ll need a budget, for tools, people to create content or anything that isn’t available in your organization. For most companies this means that funds , indeed, be spent on their tools followed by content resources as they can be the ones to create the stellar content as per requirement.
  • Tools : You can not do everything yourself, you’ll need some tools for your technical audit , you need to be able to find keywords like Google Ads Keyword Tool and you may need a tool that can keep track of your link data + outreach. That’s not even taking into account the easiest way that you can be using Google Search Console like Tools. You want to have deep insights and hopefully an analyst on your side that you can work with to dig deep into data.
  • Support Teams : The other teams in your company can also support you in many ways, these days in bigger projects,multitasking are in trends that many companies are promoting it for ex . your accounting team that can help you set and save budget on a tool, your infrastructure team to provide you with needed log files or anybody else that you might not work with directly simultaneously they can also do the work of content writing if needed.

How do you prioritize?

Based on the previous research that you’ve been doing you should know what’s missing in terms of task, content but mostly what kind of keywords are being used in your site. Use that data more, if you know what your impact is for these keywords you likely also know your current performance as you have that data in your own analytics.

The opposite side of this to think where you’re not ranking. This means that you can reassemble again and figure out where you should focus your efforts and prioritize it by applying measures.

How do you analyze results?

Focus as much on the business performance as possible.That’s what counts for your team, SEOs talk about value of earned links and other metrics that don’t provide any essential value.


So in this we have talked about what role SEO plays in a Growth strategy and what an SEO team in Growth organizations looks like :

  • SEO teams are part of a growth organization to drive additional traffic & visibility in organic search to boost the business and that can help boost Growth.
  • The best SEO teams are made by being cross functional (designer, content, SEO, engineer).
  • You want a team like this then make sure you get top talent to run them but mostly that you provide them the right support. SEO teams can provide strategic & creative direction if you set them to the right way.

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