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As a leading Digital marketing company we know the value of social media, social media like facebook instagram linkedin are on fire nowadays, all the world is going to be online so it is very important to move on that way. Among all these social media platforms we think instagram has so much potential that can attract maximum numbers of potential customers, according to latest survey 58% of youth is on instagram that to be precisize maximum number of millennials re using it as a tool to connect the surrounding, so why not use this as advantage! To grow your business you need to manipulate yourself in a positive way that changes your thought process and clear your mind, encouraging you to take shape where the current world is going….

See traditional ways are proven good as it is tried and tested by many but it is good to accept the latest trends and utilize tech to our advantage instagram is sensational nowadays, most of the businesses are going live on instagram, we suggest you to do the same

Some Reasons that will Attract maximum Quality Leads using Instagram

  • Referrals Goldmine:
  • Instagram is like a goldmine of leads and referrals, this much of young crowd is on instagram as you post your brands and your advertisement that gives you the basic information about product , if the person likes it there is great chances that he will share it with his friends and contact and the chain continues ,in this way you can Continuously post the product with specification and increase the chance of making profit.

  • Free event Marketing!!
  • As most of the public is on instagram you can definitely post about any upcoming events that will lead you to FREE marketing!! In this fast moving world if you don't match the speed you fall apart, instagram is the easiest way to spread and convey the event details within a seconds so that you can save time. Instagram shares spread so fast that your single story post can lead you toward a quality crowd.

  • Post more and earn interested traffic
  • As mentioned above a single instagram story can attract more audience, if your company is on continuous move then you need to update your followers about your growth, online people are really interested in what's going right now. If you keep updated your public with your regular growth then it creates high chances of shares and feeling of updation makes them feel more attentive and noticed.

  • Hashtags are the new SEO
  • Instagram and twitter is about HASHTAGS, you can set new trends by using hashtags and youth are more attracted toward this. In digital marketing SEO plays the Main role and this social world Hashtags replaces the SEO,you can promote the brand using hashtags both local as well as international clients can see what you are posting and what is happening in your company.People can refer and share the post just in a single click.

  • Look like a PRO
  • Instagram allows you to show off the products and services in your own way ! you can post anything in your style and the way your crowd wants to be presented. There are no conditions of experience in this.If you are good at presenting your product well then there is no way that you will lose a single client. Instagram is a platform where people communicate with photos and videos (and ofcourse in DMs). the best way to express any company to showcase your brand and product , you just need a command on this area and the world is an open market for you!!

Speaking about different ways for marketing real estate, there are many but few we think world the most especially for Real Estate :

  1. Use of Emoticons :
  2. Emojis are the new ways of communication.You can fully use to attract the young audience on your property page

  3. Instagram Polls.
  4. Polls are the most widely used feature of instagram, you can launch projects, or products according to pools that will give you an idea of what your audience is expecting from your side. It will definitely boost your Profit margin and your audience interaction.

  5. Images That are Relevant
  6. Posting related images works really well in terms of your project on instagram, it will give the first appearance of your upcoming projects and brands and your audience will definitely appreciate your approach.

  7. GIFs.
  8. GIFs are the latest trends in social media which combines the photo and video together in a shorter form, your young and old both will cherish this way that your products' pitchers and specifications are visualizing together .

  9. Personalized Dms
  10. Everybody wants to be noticed and here is how you can get more benefit of clients thoughts by sending them personalised messages like birthday wishe,

    You can also send an informative brochure of your project , contact details and greetings that will help in converting the customers.

We hope these ways will help you to get progreesive results while promoting your product on INSTAGRAM!!!

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